Norm-breaking political communication, moral-emotional reactions, and status threat

Working Paper


Multilingual mDeBERTa model to classify text into 8 discrete emotions in political communication

Moral/Emotional mDeBERTa

Fine-tuned multilingual mDeBERTa model to classify positive and negative moral/emotional appeals in political communication

Creating and Comparing Dictionary, Word Embedding, and Transformer-based Models to Measure Discrete Emotions in German Political Text

Published in *Political Analysis* (2022)

Fear, Hope, and COVID-19. Emotional Elite Rhetoric and Its Impact on the Public During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published in *Political Psychology* (2022)

Does Radical-Right Success Make the Political Debate More Negative? Evidence from Emotional Rhetoric in German State Parliaments

Published in *Political Behavior* (2021)

How Emotional Are Populists Really? Factors Explaining Emotional Appeals in the Communication of Political Parties

Published in *Political Psychology* (2021)